Why A Child Size Desk Is Important

Most experts in the education field will tell you one of the easiest ways to keep kids focused on their school work is to create a designed space for studying in the home. This study corner is one of the most significant ways of encouraging your child’s concentration when completing their assigned homework. Having a special place set aside for writing, reading, and studying is important. By creating a dedicated “learning area” with a desk and chair in your home, the child will enjoy their school work more. Bulletin boards next to the desk is another great way to teach organization as they can post reminder notes, or even graded school work that they are proud of.

You want to limit the interruptions, when a child has their own desk they don’t have to share the kitchen table with other siblings or mom and dad. When kids have to share the work space that is when the interruptions and distractions happen. For example, they are working on a project at the kitchen table and all of a sudden, it’s time for dinner. Then, they have to clear everything away, disrupting their concentration and flow of work. If the shared work space is with another sibling, they may get on each other nerves or distract one another.

A child’s desk lets you minimize the interruptions and distractions. For example, placing the child’s desk in an area of the home where the TV can not be heard is very important. If space is problem, just make sure the TV is off and this will help.

When kids have their own desk or study counter, you can effortlessly keep an eye on whether or not they take care of their stuff. Yes, you want teach tidiness and accountability. Were school supplies put away, such as pens, pencils, and crayon? Did they put away papers, stickers, and glue? Is everything in its home and neatly stored where it belongs. Are papers neatly stored in a folder? This is a hard task it the space is being shared with someone else. Is all of the homework completed, placed in the backpack and ready for the next school day? This is one goal that is easily accomplished when they have their own spot. When a child takes ownership they tend to be more responsible and just as important, take pride in whatever task they have finished.

In wrapping up, a child desk is a main piece of furniture for the individual growth of a child. The study routine, learned while they are young, will without a doubt benefit their educational and professional development later in life. Truth is, child desks will not promise a 4.0 grade point average (GPS) or even straight ‘A’, but it is a fantastic place to begin.

How to Say Goodbye to Toy Clutter Around the House

Say goodbye to toy clutter. It is easier said they done. Now that you have a lot of kids playthings around the home, organization is key to eliminating the toy clutter. How do you organize and rotate so children do not get bored with there beloved toys? The answer is organization which has different meaning to each of us, especially from a child’s view point. Plastic storage boxes, plastic tubes or toy boxes work great.

The key is try to organize by category, for example, boys love trains so you might take the train tracks, trains, plus the accessories and store in a plastic container with a lid. This is one ideal solution and easy way to keep it all together, as compact as possible. This helps to eliminate the frustration of looking for the playthings all over the house when they want to be played with.

For girls who love dolls, this works equally as well, especially because of all the little parts associated with doll play like, combs, brushes, doll clothes, doll shoes, and a large array of other accessories.

When it’s time for creative play involving paint, paper, scissors or crayons there are lots of ways to keep these tools organized. One of the best solutions on the market are activity storage carts that organize with built in features like storage compartment, shelves and drawers.

By organizing toys by category you can easily rotate play things by theme. Children tend to get bored with there possessions so a monthly rotation can bring new play life to an object. Especially if the child forgot they even had even owned the item. Children are intrigued as they rediscover old toys. They might even be surprised that they forgot how much they really enjoyed playing with it. You will be delighted seeing your child having fun as you watch them play as though they were seeing it for the first time.

Having a toy box is great and they look wonderful in a play room or bedroom plus they help eliminate the clutter by teaching children to put there toys away when play time has ended. Sometimes, when a child opens the lid and finds all different types of toys in the box they can become overwhelmed and do not know what to play with first, that’s why organizing by theme works wonderful.

Wooden Swing Sets With Sunbrella Fabric Tarps

Gorilla Playsets has changed into almost certainly the most recognized manufacturer within the playground trade in the USA. The business is well-loved by adults and kids too. Their swing set offer variety and made of best superiority quality and supply enjoyment for children and buddies when playing. Families wish for a backyard swing set that delivers never-ending fun by creating a leisure play center for the garden area. A wooden play set is a popular choice for several decades and also the trend increases each and every year. The cost associated with possessing or buying a swing set is among the factors customers debate about, determining between wood, plastic or metal playsets. The components are important for the reason that they verify the safety of the structure. Explore your options and you will obtain the right set for your family.

This corporation offers a number of special collections having a wide cost which means getting an item for nearly any price range. The size of the play structures vary just like the price point. If you are looking for a small wooden play set or a bigger structure you will find it among their various lines because of the dimensions they offer. The collections presented by Gorilla Playsets are known as the Pioneer, Great Skye, and also the Sunbrella tarps series.

Safety factors are important and are stressed as a top priority and for good reason, so children play safe and don’t get injured. Of course, parental supervision is required when using the equipment. Among the biggest worries for parents are safety features and how the outdoor play structure is built. Is it strong? Is it durable and will it last for years?

Their wood is hand selected for integrity and many support pieces have a protective green coating applied which adds to the strength. Consumers have many options on size and accessories because their line is extensive. The price range varies as well making it easier for all to own. Many swing sets come with your choice or a wood roof, vinyl tarp, or two different roofs made with Sunbrella fabrics. This is one USA manufacturer that follows the safety guidelines set forth by the CPSI.

The benefits of purchasing a swing set for the backyard are tremendous for kids as well as parents. Gorilla Playsets makes a great product with lots of play value and entertainment. The collection has been re-vamped for spring 2013 making the choices more impressive than ever.

Memorial Day Fun – Bounce Houses That Promote Exercise

Just in time for the upcoming Memorial Holiday our Blast Zone Bouncers are in stock and ready to ship. Celebrate Memorial Day weekend with exciting inflatable moonwalks, water parks and bouncers to keep the children active and on the go. Let them bounce safely in your backyard while having a blast. Full of activities; our jumpers are offered in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. They make the perfect compliment to any outdoor holiday event, gathering or birthday parties. If your goal is pleasing kids you ought to consider the purchase of an inflatable bounce house because they will love it.

This is one of the best ways of entertaining a lot of kids. It’s easy and keeping a smile on their faces is exactly what you’ll see. Children will be happy while they enjoy a fun work out. Inflatable toys are now made for residential backyards and you no longer have to rent one. Why rent when you can purchase! Children receive plenty of exercise and burn off lots of energy without realizing it. Jumping and bouncing offers plenty of fun and interaction with others. Simply, let 3 or 4 children into the bounce floor and watch what happens. Smiles and laughter as they jump around entertaining one another is what you will find. Depending upon the challenges and activities offered you will notice as they learn patience will waiting for their turns as they come down the slides. The interaction between one another as they play games and dive into the play balls of the ball pit can’t be beat.

Our water parks have slides attached to the bouncers and the children will make a big splash when they land in wading pools. Many of our inflatable water parks can be used wet or dry which means more value for you. Relax and keep the kids cool this summer when they enjoy countless hours of fun with water play.

If you’re planning on having a Memorial Day get together with family and friends make sure to take a look at the party supplies offered in our store. Perfect for your event we feature lots of paper products including plates, napkins, cups, table cloths and decorations in red, white and blue. Our prices are low and we ship fast.

Founded in 2003, Best Price Toys offers high quality; durable inflatable’s manufactured by Blast Zone.

Fine Motor Skill Toys Manufactured By The Melissa And Doug Company

Teaching toys that coach; and strengthen the small muscles in the hands and fingers, building the muscle, control, and accuracy that make possible skills needed for everyday life. These fine motor skills include but not limited to, being able to dress and undress, drawing or sketching, and writing names, letters and numbers.

In the early years of development these skills are essential for little kids to learn. Toys that can help them learn to appropriately and specifically use the muscles in the hands and fingers are best. Meaning they are building fine motor skills which is part of their daily routine. These skills, mastered throughout their early days, make possible the day to day life skills that are needed.

Listed below are two techniques for mom and dad out to become familiar with. The first one is refereed to as pincer grasp and the second one is called tripod grasp. These 2 techniques quite often develop on their own through play.

Art Easel For Kids

Melissa and Doug Art Easel, Model 1282

Pincer grasp enables children to raise and lift small items using the thumb and index finger. Why is this skill important and when does it develop? Starting in infancy, the pincer grasp is usually developed around 9 to 12 months. This is considered a milestone for them because they can feed themselves by picking up small pieces and place it into their mouth. When they use the index finger and thumb or middle fingers to pick up small objects they are taught a controlled approach making it easier for them.

Tripod Grasp is different from the pincer grasp and is harder than you might think. The skill is needed for using a pencil or pen and affects a child’s ability to color, trace and draw. The ability to hold a pencil is important. Learning to stay within the lines when coloring a picture and being able to trace over an image is necessary. Also, learning to draw easy pictures along with coloring, tracing will help form the foundation for writing numbers, letters (ABC’s) and ultimately words.
When you take into consideration everyday tasks that you do around the home and include the children, this skill is easy to build.

Just a few favorite toys that can teach are listed here. Lacing toys, art easels, jumbo or chunky puzzles, jumbo crayons, lace and trace shapes and sort and snap color match games. Shopping for fine motor skill toys manufactured by the Melissa and Doug Company is easy when you visit BestPriceToys.com

Why Buy Toy Pianos For Little Tikes?

They are adorable to look at and I bet you’ve watched the commercials and have seen the advertisements for Schoenhut Toy Piano Company, Melissa & Doug, Fisher-Price and more. These are a few of the top selling brands of toy pianos that are found in the stores. The target audience for advertisements from these companies is directed toward moms and dads of young children. For this reason; the consumer is attracted to the product because they make great toys and music. Parents want music in there child’s life and play room. Also, they are small, made in colors that will match your home décor (especially under the Christmas tree) are just so cute they want their kids to learn how to play them. After all, “they would be a great gift for any child”.

On the other hand; have you ever heard the sounds a toy piano makes? If not, it’s definitely not the sound of a true piano but children love the sounds anyway and are happy when making music. Even if the sound isn’t true to the ear, the interest in playing is created for toddlers and that’s a good thing. Most toy pianos make chime sounds when the hammers hit the keys. Kids learn early and musical instruments are good for there growth and development. Buy one or any other musical instruments to help in developing and appreciating the sound of music. As long as they have playing instruments of some sort this should help with musical growth.

Schoenhut Toy Piano Company

Child size Fancy Grand Baby Piano

Kids Toy pianos are not expensive and with many different styles and models to choose from you will find the perfect one for your budget. They are small and therefore easy to transport from one room to the next. They all have black and white keys which accommodate little hands. They are mechanical versus electrical and this makes them safer for toddlers because they won’t need to be plugged into an electrical outlet.
No matter what decision you make regarding the different brands, a Schoenhut toy piano can be a fantastic beginning to music, which will in the long run, promotes such things as a love of music, patience and a desire to learn.
Due to the fact that music skills develop when children are very young it’s better to get them a play instruments when they are little. Get started early is easy and affordable at Best Price Toys.

Building Blocks For Little Tikes And Pre-schools

Building blocks have been a well-liked child’s toy in the classroom for different age groups for years and years. They always capture their interest and by no means lose their appeal during playtime. Best Price Toys offers building blocks that promote learning and confidence while building on other skills that offer a lifetime learning.

When this toy is used during playtime if also promotes creativity and the thought process so children learn and try to problem solve while developing a sense of how things work and go together.

For little toddlers, our hand-painted designs with letters and numbers encourage reading early on. Our wooden baby blocks are perfect for little hands and give them a jump start on reading when learning their ABC’s.

Our classic ABC cart made by Melissa and Doug offers hours of instructive block play just for little tikes and little toddler! This well-built block set comes with 30 solid wood blocks. Not only does it have the ABC’s but comes complete with letters and numbers. This is just the thing for letter and number recognition, along with matching and sorting plus lots of other fun activities are enjoyed with this unique toy. The pictures are colorful and the collection offers value for the dollar.

Melissa and Doug ABC's Blocks

Melissa and Doug ABC’s Blocks

Popular in Pre-schools are the CarePlay Grid Blocks sets. They are available in several different sizes. Offering give your littlest engineers the blocks they need to track the trails of their imaginations. They are made for inside and outside playtime and are heavy-duty. They can build pathways, tunnels and even a playhouse. All of the CarePlay blocks are made to a square foot specs. and introduce the children to linear and area measurement. The 12-inch squares are perfect for little hands at the same time as the 3-by-3 design making them easy to attache to one another. Each set comes with an assortment of blocks including, square, solid, see-through as well as corner blocks for the pathway and rooftop of the playhouse.

Classroom Play Blocks

CarePlay Grid Blocks For Pre-schools

Helping children learn through block play is almost always plays a part in a teachers curriculum in the classroom. Shop Best Price Toys are a large selection of play blocks.

Little Tikes & Toddlers Love To Play On Kettler Metal Swing Sets

Have you decided on a Kettler metal swing set for the children? If so, Best Price Toys offers free same day shipping. The value offered by this German company is fantastic and makes the best metal swing sets we have seen. While they are respected for making high quality, strong and safe swing sets for kids they also produce tricycles and pedal cars. They offer engineered toys that encompass quality along with play value to any toy made in their production facility overseas in Germany. They are pioneers in tubing components that are used in their product line along with the way the tubes are painted.
With their reputation on the line, this brand strives to made high quality and durable toys that last. This is one reason why there commitment to engineering a quality toy is unmatched in the playground and toy industry. The production supervisors monitor each item from start to finish in their own tubing factory in Germany. They are consistently monitoring the end result.
Metal sets are value priced at Best Price Toys with accessory options including baby swings, gliders and gondolas that are easily added onto the playsets. With free same day shipping your new metal playground will arrive quickly.
What is great about metal swing sets is that the routine maintenance is very minimal. Unlike a wood playset you won’t have to sand or stain the structure. At the beginning of the play season check the nuts and bolts to make sure everything is secure and then repeat the process through out the season; when in use by the kids. Plus, if you decide to move in the future you can take the swing set with you.
There deluxe multi 4 child swing set is the most popular because it has three stations for swings. You can mix and match the accessories and easily swap out when you need to. The configuration can be a combination of accessories such as; three swing seats, or two swing seats and one glider swing, and then the most popular combination is one swing seat with the gondola and glider attached.

Dollhouses For Girls And Little Toddlers Tikes

Dollhouses made from wood are considered to be one the largest parts of a girl’s toy collection along with play dolls. Dollhouses date back to the 1900’s or early and the ideas, designs and concepts change every year in the toy industry. Exactly what is it about wooden dollhouses and why is it such a wonderful toy? Clearly, children enjoy creative play with these miniature versions of homes. They offer up endless entertainment for toddlers and young children. Not only are dollhouses made for playtime; the collectible market for adults is stronger than ever. Dollhouses are actually for just about everyone including the hobbyist who loves to build them from scratch or from a kit.
For girls ages 3 and up the dollhouses that accommodate Barbie size dolls are extremely popular and makes great presents for birthdays and the holidays when gift giving occurs. This type of dollhouse is usually a kit and is quite tall and arrives with all the furniture. One of the largest toy makers is KidKraft who offers several models this size. They even offers styles with elevators and their dollhouse kits usually have 2 to 3 floors. One model even has a little toddler baby swing and outdoor patio furniture. The styles by Kid Kraft have to be build and that includes putting the furniture together. The brand is designed for kids ages 3 and up because of the small parts that are included.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money when shopping for discounted girls dollhouses and furniture with Little Tikes Little Tikes. If your daughter wants a dollhouse for a gift because most of her friends have dollhouses take a look at the online catalog at www.bestpricetoys.com. Many will accommodate Barbie dolls or others that are 12 inches. If you are on a budget you can register online and save $5.00 off her purchase of $50.00 or more.

Build A Swing Set For Little Tikes And Little Toddlers

Build a swing set for your boys and girls from Build-a-swingset.com. With accessories and complete package sets of playgrounds to choose from you are certain to find impressive savings on models that are just right for your family. Especially for your son or daughter; having a playground in the backyard is super fun and will keep them busy for hours at a time. Play structures ought to be unique and stand out in the back yard or in many cases, blend in with the backyard décor. Many offer custom colors to match the siding of a home. Others are made from wood and can be stained to match your homes outside trim.
The Gorilla Playsets includes wood, slide and swings along with instructions, and a tarp or wood roof. This makes a great playset for the backyard and you can build a swing in no time. If your kids love to swing and slide or like to climb and seek out new adventures, this is a must have. Just be careful, your son or daughter might never want to come indoors again! This swing set in a box will fit most spots but make sure to measure accordingly to avoid surprises.
If your son or daughter likes to slide they even have a one design that comes with three slides, order the Big Skye II for these features. Remember, not every swing set is built to last and contrary to popular belief, you need to know exactly what you are paying for.
Most kids have seen the large play structures at the park or the big colossal sets in the neighbor hood and they draw the kids in like magnets. It’s a dream come true for little tikes little tikes who have a wooden swing set in there very own garden area. Why, all the children in the neighborhood will want to play at your house.
Build a swing set is your headquarters for replacement parts, baby swings and so much more. If your intention is to surprise your children then place your order today!